Cheap electronics for sound artists

July 18, 2018

I’m resurrecting this old blog for some new content.  I’ve been working on a series of articles on how to reuse low-cost electronics from the far east (aka CheapShitFromChina) for sound art and music making.  Amplifiers, sequencers, EQs… lots of stuff is available as kits or assembled PCBs, often for cheaper than you could buy the components separately.  I’ve found lots of uses for these in homemade sound/music/noise devices, squarely in the tradition of David Tudor, Sonic Arts Union, Stanley Lunetta, and Nic Collins (to name a few). If you’re into electronic music, DIY synths, circuit bending, modulars, noise, etc., hopefully you’ll find some info here you can use.

This resource is a complement to the Electronoise Playshops, that focused on building simple CMOS noisemakers from scratch.  Also open to your requests or suggestions, leave a note in the comments.